Monday, June 21, 2010

The Goonies Show

With hardly a break between shows, I had pitched the idea of doing a Goonies themed group show to Deborah Starr. As the owner of Lunar Boy Gallery in Astoria Or., Deborah what more than thrilled to have a show that coincided with the 25th anniversary of "The Goonies". Not only did I co curate but I painted for it as well.

"Rich Stuff" 17x22 Acrylic on Birchply This is the digital version. I'll post the painting later. You can compare and contrast! For Sale

T-shirt design I did for the event.

Flip The Bird IV, A Change Of Seasons

Ben Adams and I were at it again in April with the 4th annual Flip The Bird Show! This year it seemed fitting to paint around the theme of the four seasons. We were super, super fortunate this year to have the insanely talented Lou Romano and Nate Wragg join us! Here are a few of my paintings.

"A Delicious Snack Amongst the Springtime Bud" 12x12 Acrylic on Panel

"Summertime Recreation" 12x12 Acrylic on Panel

"Much To His Chagrin, Mr. Tibbits Missed The Last Train South" 12x12 Acrylic on Panel

Jazz Cats

Since I'm on the whole cat craze, I'll post this digital illustration. Because of my style, I've managed to turn the heads of some mid century modern painters. El Gato Gomez is a fantastic and super talented artist based out of Pennsylvania (not to mention a big cat fan). I was totally flattered when she asked to do a art trade with me. Many of my paintings start out as digital illustrations so I can experiment and tweek value and color (command z is a very powerful tool). When I get it the way I want, I paint it!

DoJump's Tiger Lily and Sunny Lu

Tiger Lily and Sunny Lu was a production put on by Portland's acrobatic theater directed and written by Robin Quivers. Set in Portland it illustrates the memoirs of Sunny Lu who narrates the trials, tribulations and times of he and his brother, Tiger Lily. I designed and animated segments within the play.

DoJump's Tiger Lily and Sunny Lu

Animated and designed for Do Jump acrobatic theater. The house was projected on the back scrim of the stage. I animated the cats in the window as if they were looking at the goings on outside the window while buskers performed and a tap dancer danced on a wooden box. It cycled while people filed into the theater and before the performance started, I animated a rain storm which cued the street performers to run off stage. It was great to see the whole thing come together!